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    631 Promzona (industrial zone)

    Aktobe city


    +7(7132) 744-723

    +7 (702) 555-64-66





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About the Сompany

 MG 5348-2pro6

Aktobe Polyethylene Pipe Plant specializes in manufacturing and wholesale/ retail trade in polyethylene pipes.

Our goal is high-quality and efficient service for our customers.

In achieving the goal we have set for ourselves, we are guided by the following principles:

  • To enhance the company's reputation for reliability in everything we do, and to be true to our commitments to our customers and partners in each and every circumstance;
  • To offer services and products of high quality, giving customers confidence in their choice;
  • To develop complementary lines of work for customers' benefit.

As direct suppliers to well-known manufacturers, and utilizing our own production facilities, we strive for long-term and mutually beneficial contacts with consumers of our products, contacts built up through minimum delivery time and quality warranties.


Aktobe Polyethylene Pipe Plant has manufacturing facilities, its own accredited laboratory, a fleet of specially equipped motor vehicles, warehouses with the necessary storage equipment, a railroad siding, and its own land.


All our products are certified. The facility has a quality management system, certified as compliant with ISO 9001 by the American company Orion Registrar, Inc. The plant has modern German equipment made by KraussMaffei, with technologies that incorporate many years of experience and the results of extensive research. The plant management has conducted staff training with the best specialists in Western Europe, particularly from Germany. Constant updating of our range of products ensures our customers modern piping components that meet the requirements of advanced construction technologies and high quality standards.

We offer a comprehensive approach to solving your problems: expert consultations, speedy delivery, professional installation, reliable service.

Plant Manager
Serik Akhmetalin

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